Schade Drinking Water Gallon

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  1. Sandra Schade

    This is the best water ive ever drank ! fresh ! great pure taste !

  2. Jennifer406392

    Hey I’m a big fan of water it’s all I drink ! 😂 but i just wanted to know where does your water come from from Which river ? How is the water filter ? Why at a cold temperature water taste better ? I wanna stay loyal to one water company the one who can assure me that the water I’m drinking is safe to drink that the water I’m drinking is pure and healthy, good quality and same goes for water bottle where the water is stored where the water won’t be contaminated by the material is being stored in but that’s ok don’t have to answer all questions just hoping your company improves goes great and just know I appreciate your water it saved me on a thirsty day ❤️ Thank you ! Hope you all have a great day !

  3. m.grana

    I am drinking it right now! Very tremendous water and good price. Purchased from ARCO in Mesa, AZ

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